Can You Thrive As An Introvert In The Workplace Without Playing The Extrovert Game?

The extrovert game will give you rules like:

“Stop being so sensitive and don’t give a f!ck” 

“Speak loud and control the conversation”

“Fake it till you make it”

And guess what? You try that and it actually seems to work. You start being acknowledged, get heard during meetings, and don’t succumb to your anxieties… Up until you crash and burn as your mental energy depletes to zero, you recoil back to old minimizing habits, and your anxieties come back with a vengeance. Ouch.

I guess it’s time to accept that the world just isn’t made for highly perceptive and sensitive introverts like yourself, right? That you should make do with what you have and be happy with whatever comes your way? I’m here to tell you that that is utter BS. 

OF COURSE you’re going to implode when you follow rules that literally have you acting like your sensitivities, anxieties, and introversion don’t exist. Those rules are meant for extroverts to thrive – not you. 

What you need is a system with rules that actually addresses your anxieties instead of calling them “extra” or “volatile”. One that validates your sensitivities and introversion and teaches you to utilize them to your advantage. 

And what does that system look like? It looks like the exact opposite of the extrovert’s system.

It’s a system where: 

  • Your anxieties, its origin, and its downstream effects are all mapped out and you’re given the tools to process and overcome them. Oftentimes this means looking deeper into childhood experiences, parental orientations, and rewiring subconscious patterns.
  • Your sensitivities are understood and you’re taught methods on how to better manage them while getting rid of all the negative coping mechanisms you’ve picked up from trying to numb them out.
  • Your hyper-awareness is gently directed so that you pick up the right details about a person so you can lead great conversations, create high quality relationships, and be respected as the leader that you know you are.

If that system sounds like a breath of fresh air compared to the sensitivity-shaming, introvert-denying systems you’ve been encountering, then you’re in for a treat. Teaching that system is exactly what I do with my 1:1 clients in a 4 week intensive. I teach you exactly how to overcome your social anxiety and harness your sensitivities so you can have your voice heard, your position respected, and be rightly promoted to roles you deserve. – All without having to put on an extroverted mask. 

If you’re tired of being undermined at work despite years of experience and you’re finally ready to overcome anxiety and find your natural assertiveness, book a strategy call with me 🙂 

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