Social Anxiety & Childhood Neglect

Check out this video on the connections between Social Anxiety & Childhood Neglect.

A lot of the people I encounter in my work suffer from childhood neglect or trauma – narcissistic parents, emotionally distant parents, abusive parents… which is why when it comes to overcoming your social anxiety, I place a huge emphasis on uncovering and healing childhood wounds. It’s important to understand just how these experiences play a part influencing and causing your existing negative thought patterns, self sabotaging personality traits, and a poor self belief. 

Our brain is not evolved to perceive the world the way it is – it’s evolved to perceive the world they way we think it should be.  So the belief systems you built as a kid becomes the lens in which you view the world and yourself for the rest of your life. So if you didn’t learn the skills to handle adversity or develop a good foundation for self worth as a kid… you may end up struggling with insecurity and falling into toxic cycles all your life.  So… how does your parents play a part in creating this lens? And how do you remove the lens once and for all?

I talk about all of that and more in the video above. Watch it and let me know your thoughts!

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