Hi! I’m Asha. 

I help introverted professionals overcome social anxiety so they can stop people pleasing, confidently express themselves, and find their natural assertiveness.

I do this using a handful of methods – Age Regression Hypnotherapy, Personality Analysis, Processing Unhealed Trauma, as well as Developing Conversational and Interpersonal Skills.  

By doing this, I help them create a detailed map of their beautiful story. Who they are, how they function, and their unique strengths. 

This map allows them to have control over themselves more than they’ve ever been. It allows them to be brave enough to be unapologetically themselves, feel confident and in control of any social situation they’re in, and be able to finally be the person they know they’re capable of.  

I believe every person struggling has the ability to transform into ambitious leader that’s hiding inside of them. And I’d like to be right by their side to help them do just that.

I grew up in a low income family as a frequently ill, introverted kid with severe social anxiety. I missed most of my school due to my social anxiety aggravating my Asthma, which exacerbated how socially awkward I was. Naturally, most school kids found me weird and my teachers didn’t like me very much.

For the longest time, I genuinely believed that everyone were repulsed and weirded out by me. That anyone who was nice to me was doing so out of kindness and pity. I had trouble making friends and even when I did, I’d have anxiety just thinking about hanging out with them, which made me cancel a lot of plans and eventually, lose the little friends that I had.

I was terrified of leaving the house, speaking my thoughts, and doing anything on my own. I constantly talked myself down and doubted my value. The world felt like a scary place and I just felt like something was inherently wrong with me. Little did I know that I was struggling with something called “social anxiety”. I just thought I was that “weird kid” you’d see in some movies. And the weird kid never changes, as that’s just a part of who they are.

Yet, despite all of this, I daydreamed big goals. I felt like there are things I could do to improve other people’s lives and that I’d be a good leader. Which is odd considering I had such opposing self-beliefs as well. 

Nevertheless, I held on to the big goals I had. I just didn’t know how to reach them. And nobody around me knew it either. On top of that, if my past showed me anything, it was that I was a nobody with nothing to offer. Asha can’t go to school, is awkward around people, and somehow believes she has what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle, be financially independent, improve others’ lives, and form deep relationships with those around her? Yeah, right. 

Cue 6 years later and that’s exactly what happened. Meeting the right people, making some good decisions, making some bad ones, learning psychology, self-healing, and continuously working to grow a little each day. Along the way, I found out my unique strength of being able to ask the right questions, analyze people’s personality, and give them the tools to see themselves in a light they’ve never seen.

This strength is something I’ve always had and always worked on, but it was only unmasked through years of working to heal myself and finally taking off the lens I’ve built through pain. The lens that left me blind to myself.

It took me 6 years to figure out so much – How do I develop genuine self love and compassion? What are my habit patterns? How do I process past trauma? How do I properly emotionally regulate? How do I keep showing up so I can reach my goals? How do people work and what makes me different? How do I lead others and not succumb to self-doubt? 

But boy do I always think… If only I had known all of this earlier! If only I had a guidebook or a fairy-godmother to lead me the way. I could have accomplished all of my growth in 1/10th of the time. Sure there were resources out there. But they all felt incomplete. Some were asking me to do affirmations and telling me I’m enough. Others were telling me to just do it and not let my feelings play a part in my actions. While I’m sure that helps others, it just didn’t feel right for me. I needed something in between. A blend of emotional and practical. A fairy-godmother that makes me feel understood, but also pushes me to enjoy the discomfort of growth.

And that’s why I’m here.

We may have very different upbringings, but our goals, dreams, and our limiting thoughts and behaviour is very much the same. I’m here to help you finally break out of your self-sabotaging cycles, help you create your life-changing map, and finally help you become that confident leader that you’ve always wanted to be. If you’re ready to finally make that step – you can book a free strategy call with me here.

Everyone has a superpower, I’m just here to help you see it.

Talk soon,