The Social Anxiety Transformational Program

In this hands-on intensive program, I help people who are struggling with self-doubt, overthinking, and self-sabotage transform themselves into the confident, ambitious leader they’ve always wanted to be.

I do this using a handful of methods:

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Personality Analysis

Enneagram Personality Model

Interpersonal & Assertive Communication

What is RTT?

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a groundbreaking form of hypnotherapy which allows us to rewire our subconscious belief system by tapping into key childhood memories that caused negative narratives that we carry into adulthood.

The cause of one’s fear and self-sabotaging habits often lies in lost memories of childhood. Meaning having to pinpoint these memories can be highly difficult when unaided. These memories often involve dysfunctional families, bullying, a traumatic experience, cultural shock etc.

Unlike traditional talk therapy, which deals with the conscious brain, hypnotherapy works directly with the subconscious brain, which controls our behaviour, impulses, emotional regulation, and beliefs.

Tapping into and re-wiring the subconscious brain produces significant change in a short amount of time. This is because our subconscious controls the majority of who we are today. Which is why we want to do things like confidently talk to people, be a leader, hop on new opportunities (conscious brain driven) but often do otherwise, like hide away, isolate ourselves, and not speak up (subconscious brain driven).

What is hypnotherapy and what does it feel like?

There’s a lot of misconceptions about hypnotherapy. Primarily being that under hypnosis, one will lose control. Hypnotherapy is a relaxing experience where the person under hypnosis will always have full control. Simply put, it’s clinically proven that hypnosis brings us to a state where the mind becomes highly suggestible to new information and has easy access to memories that would otherwise be locked away.

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What is Personality Analysis?

Personality analysis is where I help you uncover the framework in which you operate on.  Your core fear & desire, your motivations, your cognitive biases, your unique strengths, your underdeveloped social abilities, stress patterns, and much more.

As people, we all operate on our own framework of logic, with habitual patterns and emotional responses. However, we’re rarely consciously aware of this. We experience ourselves as spontaneous and situational.

When my clients see their personality framework laid out clearly in front of them, they experience an overwhelming sense of control as they can clearly see how they function and how to go about fixing it. Whereas previously, they feel left in the dark, as though their negative patterns were just a part of who they were.

I primarily use the Enneagram Personality Model to create that framework for them. The Enneagram is a complex personality model that has existed for over 5 decades and does justice to the depth of the human personality. It provides a clear roadmap to one’s unique journey of personal growth.

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Enneagram Personality Model

I want my clients to not only learn how to own their anxiety, but to also be able to thrive socially – by learning how to have excellent communication and build meaningful relationships. I help them do this by teaching them the Enneagram Personality model. This dynamic and powerful personality model teaches you how to spot other personality types and learn how to effectively communicate and empathize with others.

Clients have told me that they’ve found the Enneagram teachings not only help with radical self-acceptance, but they’ve seen significant improvement in their marriages and relationships with their boss & colleagues.

Interpersonal & Assertive Communication

I want my clients to not only be comfortable socially, but to stand out and take charge. As people who struggle with social anxiety, we’ve developed hyper-awareness that, if effectively trained, can be used to our advantage to read rooms and people.

No two people with social anxiety look the same, so different clients of mine have needed to develop different skills. However, here are some core skills that I teach:

Personality Analysis 

Strong & Effective Interpersonal Communication 

Assertive Communication 

Authority Management

With this, clients have developed the ability to be in control of any situation they’re in. Learning how to read signals and ask the right questions to create meaningful connections with those around them. By the end of the program, clients finally stop putting others on a pedestal and feel excited to use their newfound abilities on new people.

If you’re ready to finally overcome social anxiety & become the ambitious leader you’ve always wanted to be, book a strategy call here.

I’m so excited to help you be free of social anxiety and live life without holding yourself back, talk soon.